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As a professional manufacturer of shaker bottles, we have been producing various shakers for customers all over the world for more than ten years. We found that the protein shakers that can always be popular are those of classic style.

Classic shaker bottles are time tested. They are durable, leak proof, BPA-free, dishwashing safe and are easy to use. They are popular with consumers.

For example, this shaker bottle is the earliest one with a very simple design. The only accessory is a steel wire ball. Thanks to the mature mold, its quality is very good and will not leak. Because it is convenient to carry, consumers also like to carry this shaker bottle to the gym. If matched with your favorite color and logo, it will become your favorite fitness accessory.

Many manufacturers have developed a variety of novel protein shakers, which are unique in shape and attractive. However, these shakers are often only fancy but not practical. They leak and are very complex to use. At the beginning, it was quite fresh, but after a period of use, you will probably put it on the shelf.

The most popular shaker bottles we produce are still these classic simple shakers. Although they are simple, they are very practical.

Created on:2022-10-09 13:34