How To Make Premium Protein Shaker Bottles?

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Ten years ago, when Yonstar Shaker started making protein shakers for our first customer, we improved the mold five times before reaching the customer's standard. We are very grateful to this customer, who gave us a deep understanding of the manufacturing process of the shaker. Although more than ten years have passed, he is still our repeat customer.

The protein shakers looks very simple, but it is still very complicated to make them with high quality.

First of all, we have to develop a set of precision mold of protein shakers, which costs a lot. The most likely problem of the shaker bottle is water leakage. When you shake it hard, if the mold is not precise enough, the shaker is easy to leak. Therefore, we usually fix the mold several times in order to meet the standard of water leakage prevention.

Secondly, we should choose high-quality raw materials. We must purchase and use Eco-friendly materials that meet the standards of RoHS.

Third, we must have a skilled and experienced team of workers who should ensure that the manufacturing process is carried out in strict accordance with standards, such as temperature control.

Fourth, the printing quality of patterns is very important. There are many printing processes for printing patterns on protein shakers. We generally use screen printing or heat transfer printing, among which screen printing is the most widely used. The most important thing of screen printing is the quality of ink. Good ink can make the pattern printed on the shaker bottles well and will not fade after washing. If the ink is of poor quality, the pattern will fade after you wash the protein shaker several times.

Finally, the quality inspection of the shaker bottle is very important. Every batch of shaker botles we produce will be sampled and tested at random. We will inform our customers of the test standard. If it does not meet the standard, we will not deliver the protein shakers to the guests, but make the shakers again until the protein shakers fully meets the test standard.


Created on:2022-04-24 08:50